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Employment Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate, and Immigration Lawyer near Charlotte, NC



Born in Belarus, Ina moved to the US when her father, a brilliant scholar with a PhD in mathematics, received a political asylum and relocated to North Carolina. A straight "A" student, she earned her BS in Psychology in three languages from European Humanitarian University, which was shut down by the totalitarian government right after she graduated with highest honors. Ina later earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology, graduating as a valedictorian. She was one of the handful of graduates offered a full scholarship to attend a PhD program. However, Ina took interest in the law instead. Ina went on to complete the Juris Doctor evening program at NCCU School of Law, graduating summa cum laude, top 1% . While in law school, Ina was constantly externing and interning with a reputable firms as well as the local government. Ina also received a certificate of Achievement from NC Bar for having over 500 hours of pro bono work. It will not come as a surprise that she is affiliated with several nonprofit organizations, helping those who cannot afford legal services otherwise. Ina's current practice centers on immigration matters and removal defense specifically. ​

Ina's unique background shaped her legal practice. Asylum cases have sentimental value for her. After all, she comes from a country that is sadly famous for its longest dictatorship in modern history. In addition, Ina is also a skilled workers' comp, SS, employment, civil rights attorney. Ina is currently admitted to practice law in both North Carolina and South Carolina, in addition to the federal district courts (Western District of NC and District of South Carolina). She has both defense and plaintiff's work experience. She is an aggressive litigator, when needed, and a skilled negotiator, when the situation calls for it. Her arguments are precise and hard to counter, and her written advocacy is pristine. Ina is driven, hardworking, and highly motivated to make a difference by bridging the gap between “what is” and “what should be.” She thrives on the detailed-oriented nature of her work and can vividly remember facts of every case she is working on. For her, you are more than just another case. Thanks to her European upbringing, she used to speak four languages (Russian, German, Polish, Ukrainian) in addition to English. While she does not look like a nerd, she reads cases for fun. Ina has always been creatively inclined. She has been recognized as a talented artist, who was first featured when she was only 13 years old in Germany. Since then, Ina sold her pieces to art collectors around the world. For now, however, she has decided to devote herself to the rule of law.

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