Born and raised in Belarus, Ina immigrated to the United States after her parents received a political asylum and relocated to North Carolina over 20 years ago. A straight "A" student, she earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology in three languages, along with a license in counseling and a certificate in interpreting German and English from European Humanitarian University, which was shut down by the totalitarian government right after she graduated with highest honors. Her immigration clients will feel comfortable sharing and can count on her being understanding and supportive, regardless of the circumstances. After all, she comes from a country that is unfortunately famous for its longest presidency in mankind (over 30 years), and her parents were victims of persecution based on their political beliefs.  ​

Ina subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology in just one year from Belarussian State University and graduated as a valedictorian with the highest academic achievements. She was one of the handful of graduates offered a full scholarship to attend a PhD program. However, after moving to the US, she took interest in the law instead. Ina went on to complete the Juris Doctor evening program at NC Central University School of Law. While in law school, Ina was constantly getting practical experience by interning with a reputable firm, externing with Special Proceedings, and completing several clinics. She graduated summa cum laude with the second highest GPA among 120 graduates. Ina also received a certificate of Achievement from NC Bar for having over 500 hours of pro bono work.

Since graduation, her knowledge of civil litigation has developed through exposure to a variety of workers' comp matters, which she handled as a defense attorney representing businesses and insurance companies. With her inside knowledge of defense work in cases involving work injuries, she has what it takes to be one step ahead of your employer's counsel. Through her unique experience gained while representing employers, Ina will be able to help a lot of hardworking families in North Carolina. She thrives on the detailed-oriented nature of her work and can vividly remember facts of every case she is working on. For her, you will be more than just another case.

Ina has always been creatively inclined. Through her youth, these creative traits were further developed in a local art school. For now, however, she decided to devote herself to the practice of law and raising her two sons, who adore their mom. That said, art will always remain her outlet.

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